Monday, 7 December 2015

How You Differentiate Web Design and Web Development

The difference between web design and web development has become unclear. This confusion creates problems for a web design company and its clients. Web design has become a common term that encompasses design and development.

It is important for companies to make their clients aware that a successful website requires excellent design and development. Equally, clients should be prepared to make the effort to understand the difference. This understanding makes the specification and approval process more straightforward.

Web Design versus Web Development

Web design determines the look and feel of a website. It covers the layout, navigation and colors of a website. It may also include graphic and logo design. Web design is more concerned with aesthetics and user experience than functions.  A web designer will make a website easy to use and fit for purpose.

In contrast, web development provides the functions and features of a website. It is about the back end programming and not the face of a website. Functions covered by web development include registration, content management systems, e-commerce and any database applications. Web development enables visitors to carry out actions on a website.

Web Design and Web Development Skills

A good web designer will have graphic design skills and a good understanding of marketing. He or she will know how to grab the attention of visitors and encourage them to explore a website.

A good web developer will have excellent programming skills and be able to use a range of programming tools. He or she will be able to provide solutions to give a website the functions required.

There will be some overlap of skills between web designers and web developers. It is unusual for one person to be both an excellent designer and developer.

Web Design and Web Development Tools

Web designers use software such as Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks. They will also have a good working knowledge of typography, color theory and web accessibility.

Web developers will use a range of programming tools such as ASP, Javascript, XML and SQL. These are just some of the more well-known tools. There are many others and new tools are being developed all the time. For example, mobile apps have created a huge demand for developers with the relevant knowledge.

Web Design, Web Development and WordPress

The development of WordPress provides an interesting example of the difference between web design and web development. The web design of a WordPress site is determined by selecting a theme. The theme includes the use of colors, columns, fonts, navigation and titles.

After selecting a WordPress theme, you may add functionality to your website by using widgets and selecting plug-ins. These functions equate to web development.

Many people with no web design and development skills have created reasonable websites. However, experienced web designers and developers can create great websites. Such websites will have unique designs, functions and features.

Which is more important?

Research has shown that visitors judge a website in just a few seconds. Therefore, good website design is required to make the website attractive and easy to use. Good website development is required to give the website interesting features and functions. Ideally, web designers and web developers should work together to retain visitors and encourage return visits. Design and development are equally important.

In conclusion, both web design and web development is essential to produce an effective website. Web design should be integrated with web development. This approach gives the best chance of creating an outstanding website.

Friday, 20 November 2015

PHP Development and Its profits

PHP is the open source object-oriented programming language. Its user-friendly interface provides quality output easily. Due to its pre-built function, it has been widely used to develop dynamic and creative applications easily. It can easily be integrated with HTML, so most web developers are using PHP for any application. It has some built-in features that help in creating complex applications within a minute. When developing a website or application you should think again to develop this using PHP development. PHP language is appropriate for you to build your application and website.


Although it is an open source everyone on the network can access and customize your code but your safety is very high. All website owners or webmasters are always thinking about your application and website. PHP has security easier. Its object-oriented feature helps PHP developers to build applications seamless and free of errors. It has more advantages for the world of modern web application built according to the needs. According to the market demand for software applications developers are building nice PHP applications within a couple of times as per the requirement of the project. Here are some of the benefits of PHP application development.
  • It's open to work and edit code. You do not pay any money to set up the environment as the components are free.
  • You can use this to build simple to complex websites. E-commerce, shopping, financial, banking and other applications can be easily created by PHP.
  • This language is very familiar and easily integrates with others. PHP developer can easily mix with html codes. It has any link with C ++. It can be easily understood.
  • It has an independent platform, so it can run on all major operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows.
  • PHP Framework can easily supported with great network service provided as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, personal web server, iPlanet etc.
  • Faster and development of the square can be easily done through PHP. Time decreases server load significantly ecommerce, CRM and CMS applications can easily do.
  • It is a highly reliable platform development for 15 years by thousands of developers. It has the ability and versatility to develop web applications and major websites.
  • It is very cost effective compared to other programming language.
Web development has increased risk and involves PHP has decreased risks in the development and security of both sides. We have PHP application developers with extensive experience to meet and provide service as needed. We also get some highly significant evaluations of our customers outside source.